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Display the SaveAs dialog in IE before launching an embedded attachment

Ever wanted to offer a user a button for launching an attachment like WinWord, Excel or PowerPoint in MS Internet Explorer? However, you do not want to get the file launched embedded in the browser window or frame. Then extend the launch-URL with the "undocumented" (or shortly documented) parameter "&FieldElemFormat=" for handling images in the domino server. The extension below with the "=.exe" parameter pushes the browser dialog, because of the "binary" file format.

Implementation: Place a 'computed for display' field in your web site with the syntax. Add the JavaScript function with the computed -f.-d. field in your document form and look at the FN variable. That needs the attachment name.

After that, the browser offers first the SaveAs dialog, where the user can choose between opening the file directly in current frame/window or save it to a local drive.

-> Computed for display field:

"[ <input type="button" value="Open Document" onClick="javascript:launch_attachment()" onMouseOver="window.status='Press button to view the attached document content...'; return true;" onMouseOut="window.status=''; return true;" >]"

-> launch_attachment () function:

function launch_attachment () { var fn = "<Computed-for-display-field-2>"; location.replace (fn); }

-> <Computed-for-display-field-2>:

@Text(@DocumentUniqueID) + "/$FILE/" + @ReplaceSubstring(FN;" ";"+") + "?OpenElement&FieldElemFormat=.exe"

|-> FN is the attachment name!

Original Domino help about "FieldElemFormat":

Using OpenElement with image files Syntax http://Host/Database/View/Document/FieldName/FieldOffset?OpenElement http://Host/Database/View/Document/FieldName/FieldOffset?OpenElement&FieldElemFormat=ImageFormat Optional argument for OpenElement FieldElemFormat = ImageFormat Where ImageFormat is either .gif or .jpeg. If you do not specify FieldElemFormat, Domino assumes the image file format is .gif.

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