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Displaying a notes view by clicking on a row in a document

This tip describes hoe to display a notes view by clicking on a row in a document.

This is a cool way to diplay a notes view (ie5). To open a document the user must click twice on the corresponding row.

 1- In the first column of the view put this formula : iconb := "<img src="/icons/vwicn012.gif" border=0>"; iconc := "<img src="/icons/vwicn164" border=0>"; icon := @If (EtatRc = "Closed"; iconc; @TextToNumber(Status)>=2; iconb;""); db := "/" + @ReplaceSubstring(@ReplaceSubstring(@Subset(@DbName; -1);" ";"+");"";"/") ; url:=db+"/IDDOC/"+ @Text(@DocumentUniqueID) + "?OpenDocument"; "[<tr onmouseover="mouseOver(this,'#FFFFFF');" style="CURSOR: default" onmouseout="mouseOut(this,'efefef');" onclick= "document.location.href='"+URL+"'" bgColor="#efefef" height="21"><td width=1>" + icon + "</td>" The Title of this column is : [<tr bgcolor=#CCCCCC><td bgcolor=#ffffff> then create columns of each field you want to display. the last column must contain this formula : "</tr>]" and it's title : </td></tr>] 2- Create a page and name it roll.js :(click on consider the content of the page as code) and put this js code in it : function mouseOver(src,colorOver) { if (!src.contains(event.fromElement)) { = 'hand'; src.bgColor = colorOver; } } function mouseOut(src,colorIn) { if (!src.contains(event.toElement)) { = 'default'; src.bgColor = colorIn; } } 3- in the $$ViewTemplateDefault, in Title HTML content put this code : "<script language="JavaScript" src="roll.js"></script>.

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