Displaying probe statistics in the Administrator Client

Displaying probe statistics in the Administrator Client

From "How you can use new capabilities of Domino R5 and the Administrator Client to meet administrative service level agreements," by Dwight Morse, product manager for Domino administration and management, which originally appeared in the March/April 2000 edition of The View .

In the Server Monitoring tab, you are notified visually of events that occur on your servers. You can see at a glance when a server or task is not responding. You can monitor a great number of servers, with those that have issues sorted to the top.

You can add a server to the list of those to monitor by dragging and dropping it from the domain tree. You also can add any and all tasks and statistics to monitor. Any and all. This means that if you have probes configures, you can continually monitor the response times by adding them to the list of statistics to be monitored in the Server Monitoring tab. There is a little bit of preparation that needs to be completed before this becomes a possibility, however.

The list of statistic names to monitor comes from what is defined in EVENTS4.NSF. Probe statistic names are unique to your environment (they contain your server names and a unique identifier) and are, therefore, not listed in the EVENTS4.NSF by default. To add the names of the response time statistics that you'd like to monitor, follow these steps:

  1. In EVENTS4.NSF, open the Statistic Names view (found under the "Names & Messages (Advanced)" view). Click on the "New Statistic" button found at the top of the view.
  2. Type in the exact name of the response time statistic you wan t to monitor, and optionally add a description. Now, you're ready to monitor it.
  3. 3. Back in the Administrator Client Server Monitoring tab, place your mouse over any statistic or event that is already being monitored and displayed. Click the right mouse button, and choose "Monitor new statistic" from the context-sensitive menu that appears. Alternatively, you can select this option from the Monitoring menu. You will be presented with a dialog box listing all the statistics defined in EVENTS4.NSF, including those that you just added. Select one ore more to monitor, and a column will immediately be added on the Server Monitoring tab for displaying the statistic(s) you selected.

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