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Do While Loop In @Functions

For those of us that wish Lotus had created an @DoWhile here is something that
will work.

The loop does have a limit of about 250 iterations and you will have to code
that into the loop or you may cause notes to crash.

In this example I have created a document that has a number field on it called
"Test". The DoWhile loop is activated by an action button, but you may run it
on any "event" that will allow you to run a agent.

Create an agent and set it to "Run Once (@Commands may be used)". My agent is
called "(Test)".

Here is the code for the agent. You will have to adapt the code for your use.
FIELD TestField := TestField;
Tmp :=
@If(Tmp < 250;@Do(@SetField("TestField";Test Field+

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