Domino & WebSphere: An Internet Resource Guide

Here's a view of the Websphere landscape, with a listing of recent articles, reviews and specs from various resources.

Domino & WebSphere: An Internet Resource Guide

By Wendy Maxfield

This is the final part of our three-part series on Websphere. Our first two installments on WebSphere explained what WebSphere is and how it works with Domino, along with some case studies offered by IBM and Lotus. This final installment offers a more global view of the Websphere landscape, with a listing of recent articles, industry solutions, developer zones, product reviews and technical specs from various resources.

In the past few months the press has been relentless in its pursuit of dot-coms that have gone bust or the tale of the once-mighty industry giant who did a gigantic belly flop when diving into the online pool. For those with a heavy Domino investment, WebSphere might be a place to start. Then again, maybe not.

We suggest you stop by at least some of the sites mentioned in this guide before taking the plunge. In particular, the UpsideToday article on the Web application server market has a good look overview of what's at stake and lists IBM's major rivals in this burgeoning arena.

REVIEW: WebSphere Application Server 3.5, Advanced Edition

InfoWorld's Test Center provide solid analysis and gives you a look at the bottom line.

REVIEW: WebSphere Studio 3.5

Infoworld gives this version of IBM's Web development environment high marks particularly for ease of use.

"Anatomy of a Domino e-commerce Web site"'s recently published article should be required reading for anyone in the Domino community. Part 1 of a three-part series. Don't forget to bookmark this so you can go back for the upcoming installments. .

Flashline's Application Server Comparison Matrix To assist you in looking before you e-leap, has created this matrix, updated regularly, to guide you in transitioning to an application server architecture.

"Competitors Stack Up in Application Server Market" 

This July, 2000 UpsideToday article provides a good overview of what's going on in the market today.

"The Vision Behind the Technology"

IBM's Don Ferguson, chief architect of WAS, shares his thoughts on 3.5, JSPs and EJBs in this interview from WebSphere Advisor Magazine.

IBM WebSphere and Lotus Domino Address E-Commerce Collaboration

This August article from the Lotus Domino Advisor Zone addresses how a WebSphere-Domino mix can speed design of e- commerce applications.

John Banks-Binici on Domino & WebSphere Integration has this interview with Banks-Binici who leads the effort at Iris to integrate Domino and WebSphere. In this April interview, he talks about how users will benefit from using both Domino and WebSphere and why the products should be integrated.

Taking the Fear Out of WebSphere

This April article from DominoPower provides good background detail on WebSphere and how IBM positions it in the e-arena.

WebSphere Developer Domain

IBM's online resource center with WebSphere tips, technical articles, classes and books.

"Domino and WebSphere Together"

This IBM Redbook shows how to install and configure R5 and WebSphere 3.02 on Windows NT and details how the WebSphere components (servlets, Java Server Pages and Enterprise JavaBeans) work together with Domino.

"Connecting Domino to the Enterprise Using Java"

This Redbook explains how to use Java to create Domino applications integrated with enterprise resources. It shows how to integrate an Enterprise JavaBean managed by WebSphere in a Domino application.

WebSphere Advisor Magazine

A monthly technical guide for IBM WebSphere.

"IBM WebSphere Advances e-Business on the Web"

This article at the IBM: WebSphere Advisor Zone provides a good outline of IBM's Application Framework-IBM's standards-based methodology to implement e-business. 

IBM WebSphere Home Page

Two reports "Taming the Web Frontier" and "Patterns for e- business" are available with free registration at: .

IBM Web Application Servers Home Page 

Lotus Collaborative Commerce Home Page 

Lotus Industry Solutions Home Page 

Domino & WebSphere: It's Getting Better All the Time

This first article from explains what WebSphere is and how it works with Domino.

Domino & WebSphere: Solutions at Work 

The second article in a three-part series on WebSphere looks at case studies of companies who are making Domino & WebSphere work together.

Wendy Maxfield is a contributing editor based in Littleton, Mass.

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