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Don't trick your users with a bad embedded view

Embedded views are great for displaying contextual data, in an almost relational way, but there is a flaw...

Embedded views are great for displaying contextual data, in an almost relational way. There is a significant flaw (or is that feature?) to the way they work -- embedded views support "partial matches," and there is no way to turn it off.

Say, for example, you have a parts or products database. Each product has its own document (or page), and an embedded view shows marketing's comments on product campaigns.

Well, the old part number for a product is GOOD-1. And the new, improved version is GOOD-1A. Each has its own document, and separate marketing information.

Well, when you first create the GOOD-1A page, it will show embedded information for the old GOOD-1 product! That's because there are no matches for GOOD-1A (not for a day or two, right?) -- but there are matches for GOOD-1. GOOD-1 is a partial match for GOOD-1A.

How to fix this? Easy...

Go to the underlying view's design. Select the categorized column that is used for selection by the show-single-category function (in this case, the part number column). Change the formula for the column. Instead of "plain" PART_NUMBER, use the following formula:

Then, in your form, in the embedded view object, make the single category formula match:



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