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Double click to edit a Workflow doc

Want to double click instead of hitting the Edit button to edit a Workflow doc on the Web? This tip shows you how.

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In most of the Workflow documents on the Web, users need to click the edit button to put the document in edit mode. This easy two- or three-line code will help you put the document in edit mode with a double click.
If you want to edit a document with a double click on the Web, follow this simple method.

Put this pass-thru HTML on your form:

<div style="display:none">
//put a button here and give a name at 
the html tab of the button properties. 
Write the formula "@command([editdocument])" 
at the coding area.
Then we have a JavaScript event for forms that capture the double click. You can write this code to activate this button. At the "OndblClick" event, you can put this code:
//"editbt" is the button name that we had given at the HTML tab of the button properties.

Now your document can be edited with a double click on the Web. You can control the double click based on your conditions.


This is a useful tip that will make users happy.

The other method is to enable the "On Open: Automatically enable Edit mode" from the Properties option, which would save doing any additional coding (if you don't mind the document opening in edit mode every time for users that have edit access).

—Tony B.


Adding the "ESC" key function to close a document could go hand in hand with this. I've got some code for this in a Javascript library I'll pull out and provide here in case anyone can use it. I have to admit I like being able to double-click and hit escape on Web documents. In a script lib included in the Form JS Header:

// script used for adding key stroke
 capture to forms 
// key codes 
key_escape = 27; 

// intercept the key presses 
document.onkeypress = onKeyPress; 

// triggered by the key press event 
handler for the page 
function onKeyPress() { 
        // get keycode 
        var keycode; 
        if (window.event) keycode = 
        // esc to close document 
        if (keycode == key_escape) 
                // In onChange event on 
form fields, set var anythingChgd to 1. 
 On load set to 0 if no "&Seq=" param 
                // If set to 1 here, means 
change was made to field with 
                // no save and user hit ESC. 
 Prompt user if that's the case 
                if (((! anythingChgd == 0) && 
confirm("You\'ve made changes to 
fields on this document, are you sure
 you want to continue without saving?")) | 
anythingChgd == 0) {

                        anythingChgd = 0;       
                        CloseDoc();  // call your
 routine to return to calling document 
without save 
                        return false; 
        return true; 

—Douglas F.

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