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Dump name from ID file

Display most current Notes canonical name.

Like many shops, we have a network directory with thousands of Notes ID files. Which variation of JSMITH.ID belongs to Jane Smith, who lost her id file or forgot her password. We are now naming by network account, but have many using default conventions. This agent reads through a directory of ID files and writes a file displaying the file name and the most current Notes canonical name (accounts for name changes in an id file).

' Name: dump Notes ID file
' Purpose: prints name of id file and most current name stored in ID.
'   prints NO NAME FOUND if no canonical name is found in the ID
' 09/26/01 - created. EAJ

Option Public
Option Declare

Sub Initialize
Dim f As Integer, g As Integer, i As Integer, j As Integer
Dim IDpath As String, IDfile As String, InLine As String, OutName As String
On Error Goto processError	' read past end of file
g% = Freefile
Open "c:\idout.txt" For Output As #g%
IDpath = "h:\Notes\R5\data\ids\people\"
IDfile = Dir$(IDpath+"*.id")
Do While IDfile <> ""
	f% = Freefile
	Open IDpath+IDfile For Input As #f%
	InLine = ""
	OutName = "NO NAME FOUND"
	Do Until Eof (f%)
		InLine = InLine + Input$ (256, #f%)
		i = Instr (InLine, "CN=")
		If i > 1 Then
			InLine = Mid$ (InLine, i) + Input$ (32, #f%)
			j = Instr (InLine, "O=CHP")
			If j > 0 Then
				OutName = Left$ (InLine, j+5)
				Inline = Mid$ (InLine, j+6)
				InLine = Mid$ (Inline, 3)
			End If
			InLine = Right$ (InLine, 2)
		End If
	IDfile = Dir$()
Close g%
Exit Sub
Close f%
Print #g%,IDfile,OutName
Resume nextfile
End Sub

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