Dynamic Connect To Other Notes Applications

This is useful when you require to control the connectivity between two applications without revisiting the design of the application. I have used this extensively in my applications and seen the benfit over a period of time.
The tip here uses the profile extensively or you can create a separate profile form available in a separate view. The view name is "Profile" with one column that is sorted. The value shown in the column is the form name or a default value "Profile".
On the profile form create four text fields:

Server Database View Key

On the form you need to recover a list of Keywords that are available in the second database. Place the following code on the Keyword field with the following properties set:
Use Formula for choices
The following properties can be set as required: Refresh Fields on Keyword Change Refresh Choices on Document Refresh In the lookup formula place the following code:

 srv:=@DbLookup("Notes":"NoCache";"";"Profile";"Profile";"ServerName"); db:=@DbLookup("Notes":"NoCache";"";"Profile";"Profile";"Database"); vw:=@DbLookup("Notes":"NoCache";"";"Profile";"Profile";"View"); ky:=@DbLookup("Notes":"NoCache";"";"Profile";"Profile";"Key"); @DbLookup("Notes":"NoCache";srv:db;vw;ky;<fieldname / Columnnumber>)
The last Dblookup can be replaced with a dbcolumn also. The fieldname / column number can also be picked up from the profile. An enhancement to this could be using the profile commands available also eg.:

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