Dynamic Field Refrencing Using Eval

A method to simplify accessing rows or columns of fields. For some things
tables of fields are unavoidable, but are a pain to work with. By using some
simple field nameing rules and the eval function in javascript you can easily
re-use a set of variables to work with groups of fields.
Say you have a table of fields 3 rows x 3 columns like so:

A1 B1 C1
A2 B2 C2
A3 B3 C3

Instead of making 9 references to access the values of these fields, just make
three and dynamicly reasign them like so:

// Declare three global variables
var fieldA
var fieldB
var fieldC

// eval builds the object variable from the text
// rownum is the number associated with fields
// in that row
function changeRow(rownum)
// This is a string, not an object;
var f = "document.forms[0].";

//Modifies the global variable
fieldA = eval(f + "A" + rownum);
fieldB = eval(f + "B" + rownum);
fieldC = eval(f + "C" + rownum);

// Now access things easily in your functions
function doSomething()
var x //Index of For Loop
changeRow(x) //sets the globals to row x
fieldA.value = "Hello";
fieldB.value = "World";
fieldC.value = ":-)"

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