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Dynamic Hiding Of Fields Based On Status Of A Field In Web

In 4.6 if u want to hide/unhide fields in web based on a status of a field
which is dynamically changing and does not need to be displayed in Browser.
the problem is if we choose hide from web browsers then it is not possible to
see the field in the browser and this cannot be accessed using
javascript(Domino does not create a text field)
instead if we put "TYPE=HIDDEN" in the HTML Attributes of the Field thenit is
available in the browser but not displayed. u can change the values using
javascript now

here is an example
consider there is a field named "Status".u have 2 other fields named "field1"
and "field2". fields have to be hide/unhide depending on "Status" is "1" or "2"

if a mouse click had happened in a image link then according to which link has
been chosen u have to hide/unhide "field1" or "field2"

NOTE : _doClick('2e80cd78ead3318e652568e80049fa23/$ACTIONS/0.110') Corresponds
to the @Command([RefreshHideFormulas]).

Do not use the same _doClick('2e80cd78ead3318e652568e80049fa23/$ACTIONS/0.110')
in ur code.instead create a action button and write
@Command([RefreshHideFormulas]).as the formula.view it thru the browser.
Now View Source. get the _doClick() corresponding to the Action Formula copy it
and replace the _doClick with it in ur u can hide the action button
but do not delete it or change its position

function Click(){
if (document.forms[0].Status.value=="1")

return _doClick('2e80cd78ead3318e652568e80049fa23/$ACTIONS/0.110');

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