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Dynamic Table Problem Solved

This code sample shows how to solve the dynamic table problem in a way that
requires no coding and is easy to use for the end user. Check it out, I think
you may like it.
This is a prerelease and not yet meant for distribution. Eventually, it will
released under an open source license. If you download it and use it, you do so
at your own risk. Please contact me at with
suggestions and improvements. Below you find an article that was published in a
newsletter that explains what it does.

Have fun.

- Michael Rohrbach

Dynamic Tables
We tackle a common problem that every Notes developer has faced in some point
of his/her career, namely dynamic tables. Scores of articles have been written
on this subject but none of the proposed solutions has been satisfying to
me(us). This is yet another attempt to tackle the problem.

The basic idea is this: you have a table that contains several multivalue
fields such as shown below

&LTEdit Table Button>

Firstname Birthdate Age
John 01/02/1993 6
Mike 03/23/1969 29

If the user clicks on the &LTEdit Table Button> a dialogbox appears that displays
only one record at a time along with a row of buttons as shown below. Once the
user finishes navigating and updating the entries in the table, he or she
clicks ok and the underlying table is updated.

&LTPrevious> &LTNext> &LTDelete> &LTNew>

Displaying: 1/2

Firstname Mike
Birthday 03/23/1969
Age 29

Michael Rohrbach
Principal Certified Lotus Professional

A better description is available at

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