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Dynamic Views

If there is a requirement for the documents being created to be shown with image as links instead of text in the "field " use this html code in view formula pane and also select the "treat view contents as html" property in view properties.

The result in the browser would be displayed as "field1" in bold and below it the value of "field 2" along with a image link to open the respective document which might contain the rest of the data in a rich text field.

Below this in the next row the similar data of the next document will be displayed. This tip could be used where there is a requirement for the large chunks of data to be shown on the Web which is edited in a rich text field, and the data could be given a title as a value in the text field in the document and and image as link to open the document to look at the rest of the data.

While displaying the rest of the rich text data after clicking, show it through a different form which only has a title field and the rich text field.

Also, we can create links to all the documents created, on the right hand side as a navigation tool to toggle between the differnt document being displayed by using the @DbColumn and getting the list of the field values created with the same html code in another view but, excluding the " field2" from the code and using it in the form you will be naming in the first views "form formula".

"<TABLE WIDTH=400><TR VALIGN=right ><TD>" + "<font face=Arial><font size=4>" + field1 + "</font><font size=2>" + field2 + "</font></font>" + " <a href=/data/x.nsf/view/" + unid+"?opendocument>" + "<img src=/data/x.nsf/imagestore/arrow/$file/arrow_r.gif border=0>" + "</a>" + "</TD><TD WIDTH=20>" + "</TD ></TR></TABLE>"

FOR SECOND VIEW (to use in @DBColumn)
"<TABLE WIDTH=400><TR VALIGN=right><TD>" + "<font face=Arial><font size=4>" + field1 +"</font></font>" + " <a href=/data/x.nsf/view/" + unid + "?opendocument>" + "<img src=/data/x.nsf/imagestore/arrow/$file/arrow_r.gif border=0>" + "</a>" + "</TD></TR></TABLE>"

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