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Dynamic Web Mail Redirection

I have seen many issues regarding Web mail redirection...i.e., what is a steady and efficient means by which to present a users mail file over the Web. Every Notes domain works off of the Domino Directory, as its known in R5. The code below uses the Domino Directory and several of its standard components to quickly and easily enable this. Basically what this does is builds a URL to launch based upon the users person document in the Domino Directory.

1. I created another view in the Domino Directory off of the standard "People" view called PeopleInternetAccess|InternetMailAccess.

A. The first column formula has been changed to:
@Trim(@Subset(Firstname;1)) + @If(MiddleInitial != "";" " + MiddleInitial;"") + @If(LastName !="";" "+@Trim(@Subset(LastName;1));"")

This gives me the username from the person document, which will now match @Name([CN];@UserName).

B. The second column formula has been changed to:
"http://" + @If(@Name([CN];MailServer) = "<ServerName>";"<ServerURL-IPAddress>";"<AlternateServerURL-IPAddress>") + "/" + @Left(MailFile;4) + "/" + @RightBack(MailFile;5) + ".nsf/?OpenDatabase"

This takes the name of the mail server for that user from their person document and assigns the appropriate Web Reference to it. The only thing that may need to be changed or even removed is the @Left(MailFile;4) parameter. All of our users mail files are in a subdirectory called "mail", hence the parameter. Obviously, you will need to nest the @If statements for more servers...simple enough.

2. I have a form in my homepage frameset with a hidden field, called "getInfo". It is computed, with the following formula:

3. I have a shared action, in the action bar of this form, with the formula:

This launches a new browser window, which contains the users mail file based solely upon their login to the site and its matching URL in the Domino Directory.

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