Dynamically change background color of a Notes doc

This tip allows you to change background color on the fly by the user choosing the color on the form itself.

Many people know about the $PaperColor field that allows you to change the background of a document. The drawbacks are that you have to close and re-open the document to see the change. Also, you are stuck with the 239 (or so) color numbers. This tip allows you to change it on the fly by choosing the color on the form itself.

  1. First, create a field of color type -- let's call the field DocColor.
  2. Then, below it create a button of JavaScript formula type.
  3. In the code, type the following JavaScript:
    document.bgColor = document.forms[0].DocColor.value.substr (2,6)

This tip will only work in ND6, because of the color field type. The idea could be scaled back to work just with the JavaScript portion, though, to make it work with R5.

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