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E-mail "from" format when using iNotes or Webmail

Learn how to configure the "from" field in iNotes or Web mail to display in RFC format.

Anyone ever noticed that when you send an Email via the webmail or iNotes the reciepient get the email as "" format, and what about getting the RFC format, i.e. "Joe Kapara <>"?
Well, it can be done using a little tweak in the "Router" configuration in the directory.

  1. Open your "names.nsf" (or any other directory used for configuration).
  2. Navigate to "Servers --> Configuration" and choose the server (or group) you want to modify its setting.
  3. Navigate the follwing tabs: "MIME --> Advanced --> Advanced Outbound Message Options" and modify the "RFC822 phrase handling".
  4. Usually, the "Use DN as phrase" looks best in email clients.
  5. Don't forget to restart your router in the server console using "Tell router stop" and then "load router".

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