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Easily implement attachment fields in a Web form using Formula

Using Formula language, member Tan Seng Chye outlines how to create multiple attachment fields in a Web form -- e.g., Requester and Approver.

Using the instructions and Formula language outlined in this tip, you can create multiple attachment fields in a Web form -- e.g., Requester and Approver. I've tested and implemented this technique and found it to be 100% stable.

  1. Create a File upload file.

  2. Create a computed field to store the attachment's file name. Name it "Attach1".

  3. Create a hotspot button labeled "Attach" with these @formulas:
    attach:= @AttachmentNames;
    FIELD Attach1:= @Unique(Attach1 : 
  4. Create another hotspot button labeled "Detach" with this @formula:
  5. Create a computed text with this formulas:
    "<br/><input type= "checkbox" name="%%Detach" 
    value="" + Attach1 + ""><a href="/" + 
    @WebDbName + "/0/" + @Text(@DocumentUniqueID) 
    + "/$FILE/" + Attach1 + "?OpenElement" Target="_new">" +
    Attach1 + "</a>"

You're all done and ready to test the code!

If you need to have more attachment fields repeat steps 2 through 5 (step 1 is optional), and rename the field named "Attach1" to a different name in all the field names and formulas.

That's all you have to do. It's easy, reliable and efficient. (Of course, you should consider your server resources and attachment size.)

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