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Easily show and hide layers in a Lotus Notes database member Jane Griscti provides simple instructions and LotusScript code that will easily allow you to show or hide layers in a Lotus Notes database.

Follow these instructions and paste in this LotusScript code to easily allow you to show or hide layers in a Lotus Notes database.

  1. Create a layer.
  2. Add a hidden 'layer state' field.
  3. Set the Hide/When formula for the paragraph containing the layer to layerStateFld = "0."
  4. Create a Hotspot action that calls the following sub routine.
Static Sub showAndHideLayer(stateFld$)
'-- Show or Hide a layer
'--   stateFld$ - name of the field 
referenced by the layer's hide formula
Dim doc As NotesDocument
Dim layers List As String
Dim layerState$

If Not ( Iselement(layers(stateFld$)) ) Then
'-- first time user clicked the show/hide icon for this layer
layers(stateFld$) = "0"
End If

'-- ws is NotesUIWorkspace, declared in 
Form-Globals and set in Form-Initialize 
Set doc = ws.CurrentDocument.Document 
layerState$ = layers(stateFld$)

'-- change the layers display state 1=show 
0=hide If(layerState$ = "0") 
Then Call doc.ReplaceItemValue(stateFld$,"1")
Call doc.ReplaceItemValue(stateFld$,"0")
End If

'-- save the layers new state
layers(stateFld$) = doc.GetItemValue(stateFld$)(0)

Call uidoc.RefreshHideFormulas
End Sub

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