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Easy function to populate database in data directory

How to use: Dim dta As Variant dta=populatedbs("DEVR5","mail",2)

How to use:
Dim dta As Variant

This would return an array with the titles of the databases under the mail directory

 Function PopulateDbs(ServerName As String,StartPath As String,ReturnValue As Integer) As Variant 'Servername = Name of Server to retrieve info from 'StartPath = path after notes data path that should be searched 'Returnvalue = type of info 1=db title | path 2= db title 3= filepath Dim dbdir As New NotesDbDirectory(ServerName) Dim founddb As NotesDatabase Dim filen As String Dim InfoLine As String Dim Info() As String Dim Counter As Long Counter=0 Redim Info(Counter) Set founddb = dbDir.GetFirstDatabase(DATABASE) While Not(founddb Is Nothing) filen=founddb.filepath If Ucase(Left(filen,Len(StartPath))) =Ucase(StartPath) Then Redim Preserve Info(Counter) Counter=Counter+1 Select Case ReturnValue Case 1 Info(Ubound(Info))=founddb.title + " | " + founddb.filepath Case 2 Info(Ubound(Info))=founddb.title Case 3 Info(Ubound(Info))=founddb.filepath End Select End If Set founddb = dbDir.GetNextDatabase Wend PopulateDbs=Info End Function

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