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Embedding images to the mail rather than attaching

This tip describes how to embed inmages in mail rather than attaching them.

Many of us have the tendency to distribute images (JPG, BMP, TIFF etc) amongst our colleagues and friends as attachments. Instead sending the same as embedded images would drastically reduce the size of your mail, and hence would not hamper the performance of the mail server. So, images can be embedded instead of attaching in those cases where preserving the image format (JPG, BMP, TIFF etc) is not of utmost importance. The below is the original image size, and a memo's size after embedding and attaching the images.

Original Files

icon.jpg 33KB
icon.bmp 46KB
icon.tif 49KB
icon.gif 6KB

format Embed  Attach 
gif ~7KB 10KB 
jpg ~35KB 38KB
tif ~7KB 54KB
bmp ~7KB 55KB

From the above table, embedded images (TIF and BMP especially) drastically reduce the mail size compared to the attached ones.

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