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Enabling Sametime chat logging

How to log chats in Sametime

Beginning in Sametime 2.5, there is a new feature that allows Sametime chat sessions to be logged. However, the documentation does not provide detailed steps on how to enable this feature.

When chat logging is enabled, Sametime creates a .DAT file on the Sametime server in a specified directory for each chat session. The following is a sample DAT file:

18/Oct/01, 15:04:28: Session started 
18/Oct/01, 15:04:28: Add UserId CN=Chris Pepin/O=Acme 
18/Oct/01, 15:04:28: Add UserId CN=Domain Admin/O=Acme 
18/Oct/01, 15:04:46: Send Message from UserId CN=Domain Admin/O=Acme  to 
UserId CN=Chris Pepin/O=Acme  msgLen 26d msg: Hi Chris,  Are you there?
18/Oct/01, 15:04:55: Send Message from UserId CN=Chris Pepin/O=Acme  to 
UserId CN=Doman Admin/O=Acme  msgLen 8d msg: I'm here
18/Oct/01, 15:04:57: Remove UserId CN=Chris Pepin/O=Acme 
18/Oct/01, 15:04:57: Remove UserId CN=Doman Admin/O=Acme 
18/Oct/01, 15:04:57: Session ended 

Keep in mind that if users make heavy use of chat, the chat log directory can get pretty big. There are no options to purge log documents after a specific date or to put the logs in an .NSF file. Investigate the Sametime API to customize the logging functionality.

The following is the procedure to enable chat logging on a Sametime 2.5 server:

1. Add the following lines to the SAMETIME.INI file



Where path is an EXISTING directory on the Sametime server where chat logs will be stored (e.g. d:lotusdominochatlogs)

2. Rename the file stchatlog.dll on the Sametime server to stchatlogold.dll.

3. Rename the file stchatlogfile.dll on the Sametime server to stchatlog.dll and move the file to the same location as the file in step 2 (e.g. D:LOTUSDOMINO)

4. Restart the Sametime server

5. Start a chat session with another user and after you close the chat session, check on the Sametime server and you will notice that the chat session will be logged in a file in the path specified in (1) above.

6. Procedure complete

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