Excel import into Lotus Notes

This imports data from Excel into Lotus Notes, skipping blank lines and column headers.

This imports data from Excel into Lotus Notes, skipping blank lines and column headers. This will only import 100 records at a time and can be changed by changing the written value.

Sub Initialize
     Dim FileNum As Integer
     Dim xlFilename As String

     Filenum% = Freefile()
     xlFileName$ = Inputbox("What file name and path? example:H:

     Dim session As New NotesSession
     Dim db As NotesDatabase
     Dim view As NotesView
     Dim doc As NotesDocument
     Set db = session.CurrentDatabase
     Set doc = New NotesDocument(db)
     Dim One As String

     Dim row As Integer
     Dim written As Integer

                                       '// Next we connect to Excel and
open the file. Then start pulling over the records.
     Dim Excel As Variant
     Dim xlWorkbook As Variant
     Dim xlSheet As Variant
     Print "Connecting to Excel..."
     Set Excel = CreateObject( "Excel.Application.8" )
     Excel.Visible = False '// Don't display the Excel window
     Print "Opening " & xlFilename & "..."
     Excel.Workbooks.Open xlFilename '// Open the Excel file
     Set xlWorkbook = Excel.ActiveWorkbook
     Set xlSheet = xlWorkbook.ActiveSheet

                                       '// Cycle through the rows of the
Excel file, pulling the data over to Notes
     Goto Records
     Print "Disconnecting from Excel..."
     xlWorkbook.Close False '// Close the Excel file without saving (we
made no changes)
     Excel.Quit '// Close Excel
     Set Excel = Nothing '// Free the memory that we'd used
     Print " " '// Clear the status line

     row = 0 '// These integers intialize to zero anyway
     written = 0

     Print "Starting import from Excel file..."

     Do While True
          With xlSheet
               row = row + 1
               Set view = db.GetView("Main View")
               Set doc = db.CreateDocument '// Create a new doc
               doc.Form = "ImportForm1"

               If .Cells (row, 1).Value = "" And .Cells(row,2).Value = ""
And  .Cells (row, 3).Value = "" And .Cells(row,4).Value = ""  And .Cells
(row, 5).Value = "" And .Cells(row,6).Value = "" And .Cells (row, 7).Value
= "" And .Cells(row,8).Value = "" And .Cells (row, 9).Value = "" And
.Cells(row,10).Value = ""Then
                    Goto Finish
               End If

               If .Cells (row, 1).Value = "PO #"  And .Cells(row,2).Value
= "Order #" And  .Cells (row, 3).Value = "Order da" And .Cells(row,4).Value
= "Part #"  And .Cells (row, 5).Value = "Or" And .Cells(row,6).Value
= "Line  " And .Cells (row, 7).Value = "Qty" And .Cells(row,8).Value
= "Unit pri" And .Cells (row, 9).Value = "Ship to Company" And
.Cells(row,10).Value = "Ship method"Then
                    Goto Finish
               End If

               doc.SWEPO = .Cells( row, 1 ).Value
               doc.SWEORDER = .Cells(row, 2 ).Value
               doc.SWEORDERDATE = .Cells(row, 3).Value
               doc.ITEMNUMBER = .Cells( row, 4 ).Value
               doc.ORDERSTATUS = .Cells(row, 5).Value
               doc.QUANTITYORDERED = .Cells( row, 6).Value
               doc.AMOUNTBILLED  = .Cells(row, 7).Value
               doc.SHIPMETHOD = .Cells( row, 8).Value
               doc.SHIPDATE = .Cells(row, 9).Value
               doc.TRACKINGNUMBER = .Cells(row, 10).Value

               Call doc.Save( True, True ) '// Save the new doc

               written = written + 1
               Print written
               If written = 5 Then
                    Print written
                    Goto Finish
                    Print written
                    Messagebox "Finished"
                    Goto Done
               End If
          End With
End Sub

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