Export a view to Excel without coding

This tip shows you how to export a view to Excel without any coding.

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This tip shows you how to export a view to Excel without any coding.

Microsoft Excel actually contains a built-in facility that does just that -- the Web Query facility.To find more help on the subject, search the "Web query" in Excel help.

For example, to get a list of your users, you will need to type, in the address field:

http://NAME OF YOUR SERVER/names.nsf/People?OpenView&count=1000

Please note the usage of the "count=1000" parameter to control the number of rows to display.


The simplest way to "export" data from a Notes view without any code at all, is to dp the following.

1. Select all documents in the view that you want to export.
2. Right click and choose "Copy Selected as Table".
3. Change focus to Excel and an empty Excel sheet.
4. Place cursor into a cell that will be the upper left one.
5. Paste.

That's it. It works fine in Win2000pro, and WinXP copies the Header row and even the category names in case the view is categorized.

—Randolf K.

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