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Extract 1 Particular Value From A Text List Using Formula

Normally when trying to extract 1 particular value from a text list, you would
use Script and extract the value with the array(index), but there is a simple
way to do this with formula language
For this to work, you must know which value you wish to retrieve, ie.. what
number the value is in the list.
Use @Subset to get your desired results.
This example uses a nested @Subset with another @Subset.
For example:
If the field you are wanting to extract the value from is,

Joe, Bill, Fred, Frank, Jake, Jill, Jack, Julie, Nancy, Christine, Kevin,
Corey, Samantha, Mickinzy

and you want to extract the value "Frank" from the list, use the following in
another field:


This first gets the value of the first 4 entries in the list, then extracts the
last value from that list giving you the desired result "Frank", since Frank is
the 4th value in the 1st list, and the last in the second.

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