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Find a Lotus Notes user within NAB Deny Access groups

Use a hidden view within the Notes Address Book (NAB) to find and remove Lotus Notes users who may have been placed in a Deny Access group accidentally.

If you suspect that one of your Lotus Notes users has been wrongly placed in a "Deny Access" group, it can be difficult to identify which group the user is in. A hidden view in the Notes Address Book (NAB) lets you uncover this user's location. 

  1. Open the $ServerAccess view.
  2. In the NAB, or with the icon selected in your workspace, go to the "View" menu. Then, click "Go To," and hold down control/shift. This allows you to select the hidden view.
  3. All Lotus Notes users appear in the view by common name only (as they're listed in the group). However, more commonly, users' full canonical names will be listed, so you must type the full syntax (including cn=) to find them.
  4. The list categorizes Lotus Notes users according to name and shows groups in which they're located that can affect Lotus Domino server access. Once you view this, you can remove users accordingly.

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