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Five Reusable Lotusscript Functions For Working With Lists

When working with lists, the same functions seem to come
up time and time again. We thought that it would be useful
to group some of these LotusScript functions together so
that you could find them in a single resource. Here are the
basics that are covered:

1. Remove from List
2. Add to List
3. Remove Item from List
4. Entry in List
5. Remove Range from List
Function RemoveFromList (Value As Variant, ValueList As Variant)
Dim tmpValueList() As String
x = 0
Redim Preserve tmpValueList(x)
Forall vals In ValueList
If Not Value = vals Then
Redim Preserve tmpValueList(x)
tmpValueList(x) = vals
x = x + 1
End If
End Forall
RemoveValueFromList = tmpValueList
End Function

Function AddToList (Value As Variant, ValueList As Variant)
Dim tmpValueList As Variant
' Load the array element by element so that the datatype is preserved
Redim tmpValueList(Ubound(ValueList))
For i = 0 To Ubound(ValueList)
tmpValueList(i) = ValueList(i)
' Determine if we are dealing with a new list, if absolutely no
values in the first entry, then add new value to 0
If Ubound(tmpValueList) = 0 And Cstr(tmpValueList(0)) = "" Then
x = 0
x = Ubound(tmpValueList) + 1
End If
Redim Preserve tmpValueList(x)
tmpValueList(x) = Value
AddToList = tmpValueList
End Function

Function RemoveItemFromList (intItem As Integer, ValueList As Variant)
' *** intItem should be passed in zero based as well as ValueList
Dim tmpValueList() As Variant
Dim intItemCnt As Integer
' Init the temporary list
Redim tmpValueList(0)
intItemCnt = 0
For x = 0 To Ubound(ValueList)
If Not intItem = x Then 'Not equal, we must
keep this one in the list
Redim Preserve tmpValueList(intItemCnt)
tmpValueList(intItemCnt) = ValueList(x)
intItemCnt = intItemCnt + 1 ' Count the
items we have kept so that we can adjust the array properly
End If
RemoveItemFromList = tmpValueList

End Function

Function EntryInList (Value As Variant, ValueList As Variant) As Integer
' This will return a 1 based value if the position in the list
EntryInList = 0
i = 1
Forall Entries In ValueList
If Entries = Value Then
EntryInList = i
Exit Function
End If
i = i + 1
End Forall
End Function

Function RemoveRangeFromList (intStartPos As Integer, intEndPos As Integer,
varInput As Variant) As Variant
Dim tmpList() As Variant
Dim intPosCnt As Integer
intPosCnt = 0
For i = 0 To Ubound(varInput)
If i < intStartPos Or i > intEndPos Then
Redim Preserve tmpList(intPosCnt)
tmpList(intPosCnt) = varInput(i)
intPosCnt = intPosCnt + 1
End If
RemoveRangeFromList = tmpList
End Function

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