Fix corrupted view on local database

I recently had to help a remote user, working of their c: drive, fix a corrupted view.

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I recently had to help a remote user, working of their c: drive, fix a corrupted view. Creating a new local replica of the database was not an option.

Here's what I came up with.

On a server, corrupted views can be fixed via Updall. Well, you can do the same thing on a local copy of a database.

The NUPDALL.EXE program which sits in the Notes directory on the Local drive, can be run similarly on a local database as Updall can be run on a server.

The code below is an example of script that can be put into a button and emailed to the user. notesdbname$ is the Notes path to the database

osdbname$ is the full path to the database from the O/S level

You need to know the full o/S path to the Notes directory and the database on the user's hard drive.

Sub Click(Source As Button)
           Dim taskId As Integer
           notesdbname$ = "testmydatabase.nsf"
           Dim db As New NotesDatabase( "", notesdbname$)

           osdbname$ = "c:notesdatatestmydatabase.nsf"
           notesviewname$ = ".vwTheView"

           thepgm$ = "c:notesnupdall "
           theparams$ = osdbname$ & " -T " & notesviewname$ & " -R"
           taskId% = Shell (thepgm$ & theparams$,3)
End Sub


  • This tip may work, but is rather elaborate. Instead of reaching out to LotusScript as a tool to solve everything, try opening the database and pressing CTRL+SHIFT+F9 (or SHIFT+F9 in the view you need fixed). Another advantage: you don't have to know the location of the Notes-directory AND it works in a Citrix-environment. —Ronald van Puijenbroek

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