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Fixing Corrupted Desktop.Dsk

Sometimes the file (desktop.dsk) that holds user's desktop icons becomes
corrupted. This seems to happen particularly when the desktop file is being
stored on a file server instead of on the PC hard disk. If this happens the
user will no longer be able to add new desktop icons and may get the message
"database object has been deleted".
Lotus advice is to restore desktop.dsk from a backup or delete it and allow
Notes to recreate it when the user restarts Notes. In this case the user will
lose all their desktop icons which is a nuisance.
In fact desktop.dsk is a Notes database in R1 format and tools such as Fixup
can used on it. So the solution to fixing desktop.dsk is to get a copy of
nfixup.exe from a Domino server and use this to fix desktop.dsk. Copy the file
to c:\notes directory and then type the following at a command prompt:
c:\notes\nfixup c:\notes\data\desktop.dsk

This should also work on R5 desktop files (desktop5.dsk).

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