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Flash4 to Notes & Notes to Flash4

Ever fancied using Macromedia Flash to not only display Notes-based information but to also populate Notes databases using Flash 4's interactive capabilities? Well, here's how:

To Populate A Notes Database from a Flash animation:
1. Create a Notes Form which will hold the Flash Movie. On the form, create some hidden editable fields (note the field names).
2. Input in the pass thru HTML which will create the Flash Object. (You can just copy the HTML which flash generates for you when you publish. Remember to change the url references if you want to hold the Flash Files in Notes.)
3. In the Flash Movie, create editable text boxes and make sure that the text boxes have the same name as the corresponding notes fields.
4. Create a submit button in the Flash Movie with a URL which corresponds to the Notes Form (i.e. http://Host/DBname/FormName?Createdocument).

When the button is activated, the Notes Form will be submitted and the cool thing is the information passed from Flash to Notes will not be URLEncoded. (No + for spaces etc. to deal with)

If you want to use a multi-line field in Flash, then make sure the corresponding field in Notes is a rich text field or else you will lose the carriage returns. (The field can subsequently be treated as text.)

If you want to populate Flash from Notes, I recommend you have a look at the sandbox as a good example is given there. One word of warning, though: When pushing Notes data to Flash via Javascript, check for null values or else you will crash the browser.

Couple of other 'Flash' tips:
It is possible in IE browsers to make the Flash Movie transparent, and with the use of layers, you could place a flash movie behind a Notes Form. How to do this can be found at under the advanced tutorials.

Another intresting possibility is that control of the Flash Movie (i.e. what frame/scene to play) can be done externally. (e.g. Depending on the Notes field value, a different flash scene could be played.)

This was last published in November 2000

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