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Forcing a line break in a view

This tip describes how to force a line break in a view using Formula language.

If you ever tried to use @Newline to force a line break in a column and found it didn't work - here's another way to accomplish the same effect.

This assumes you have in the View properties/3rd tab the option "Lines Per Row" set to something other than 1.

For the desired column, set the property, Multi-value separator to Newline.

For the column formula use this format. ("your text here" + fieldname) : ("more text here" + fieldname)

Sample column formula to display Title of the document on the first line and Status of the document on the second line of the doc's row.

(@Left("Title: " + Summary;40)) : ("Status: " + ReportStatus)

The trick is to enclose each 'line' in ()'s to force Domino to evaluate your 'lines' first before turning the column formula into a list.

Finally to stop wrapping use @Left(desiredText; desiredWidth) style of formula as shown above for each 'line' and set the column's width to the desiredwidth +1.

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