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Formatting Numeric Values In A Keyword Field

When numeric values are selected from a keywords field, the formatting
(thousands, currencty, etc.) is lost. Use the Format function in LotusScript
in the exiting event of your kewords field to reformat the number as you would
like to see it. The following example converts a text to a number, then
punctuates with commas at each thousand.
Dim ws As New notesuiworkspace
Dim uidoc As notesuidocument
Set uidoc = ws.currentdocument
Aval = uidoc.FieldGetText( "Fieldname")
Aval = Aval + ".01"
Bval# = Cdbl(Aval)
x= Format(Bval#, "Fixed")
x= Format(x, "0,0")
y$ = Cstr(x)
Call uidoc.FieldSetText("Fieldname", y$)

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