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Formula Functions

LotusScript functions

As you write Lotusscript code, some function from the formula language may miss
you. Here they are (maybe not all of them).

At first I even rewrote some functions such as StrRight/Left[Back] as they were
not in the language reference of the R5 designer client, and then I found them
reading code from someone else.

Here are some formula function and the non-obvious LS equivalents :

@Trim(Array) : FullTrim(Array)
@Trim(String) : FullTrim(String)
("A" = "B":"A") : (StrGetIndex(L,S)=Null)
@Left("ABC";"B") : STRLeft
@Right("ABC";"B"): STRRight
@LeftBack : STRLeftBack
@RightBack : STRRightBack
Option Base 0

' Released 11 APR 2000,

Public Function Explode (Byval Src As String, Byval Sep As String) As Variant
' Remark : article 10.8, Array functions, tip from Ulrich Krause
' his function explode does the same. I did not examine his algorithm
toroughly so it's up to you to decide which one you prefer
' See @Explode, default separator = ";"
If (Sep = "") Then Sep = ";"
Sep = Left$ (Sep, 1)
Dim tmp() As String
Redim tmp(0)
pos% = 1
nextsep% = Instr (pos%, Src, Sep)
If (nextsep% > 0) Then
tmp(Ubound (tmp)) = Mid$ (Src, pos%, nextsep% - pos%)
Redim Preserve tmp(Ubound (tmp) + 1)
pos% = nextsep% + 1
End If
Loop Until ((nextsep% = 0) Or (pos% > Len (Src)))
tmp(Ubound (tmp)) = Mid$ (Src, pos%, Len(Src) - pos% + 1)
Explode = tmp
End Function

Public Function Implode (Source As Variant, Byval Sep As String) As String
' Remark : Same as above
' See @Implode, default separator = ";"
If (Not (Isarray (Source))) Then
Implode = Cstr (Source)
Exit Function
End If
If (Sep = "") Then Sep = ";"
Sep = Left$ (Sep, 1)
Forall Element In Source
Implode = Implode & Element & Sep
End Forall
If (Right$ (Implode, 1) = Sep) Then
Implode = Left$ (Implode, Len (Implode) - 1)
End If
End Function

Public Function ArrayRemove (Source As Variant, RemoveList As Variant) As
' AD:lotus411:10.8:Ulrich Krause
' ==============================
' Removes from Source any element common with RemoveList
If (Not (Isarray (Source))) Then
ArrayRemove = Source
Exit Function
End If
Dim CleanList() As Variant
Redim CleanList(0)
Forall Element In Source
' Only copy elements not found in RemoveList
If (Isnull (Arraygetindex (RemoveList, Element))) Then
CleanList(Ubound (CleanList)) = Element
Redim Preserve CleanList(Ubound (CleanList) + 1)
End If
End Forall
If (Ubound (CleanList) > 0) Then Redim Preserve CleanList(Ubound (CleanList) -
' Return processed list
ArrayRemove = CleanList
End Function

Public Function ProperCase(Source As String) As String
' See @ProperCase
prevchar$ = ""
For pos% = 1 To Len (Source)
c$ = Mid$ (Source$, pos%, 1)
If ((prevchar$ = " ") Or (prevchar$ = ".") Or _
(prevchar$ = "?") Or (prevchar$ = "!") Or (pos% = 1)) Then
ProperCase = ProperCase & Ucase$ (c$)
ProperCase = ProperCase & Lcase$ (c$)
End If
prevchar$ = c$
End Function

Public Function IsMember (ESLst As Variant, Lst As Variant) As Integer
' See @IsMember
If (Not (Isarray (Lst))) Then
IsMember = False
Exit Function
End If
If (Isarray (ESLst)) Then
' ESLst is an array
Forall Element In ESLst
' If one element can't be found in Lst : False
If (Isnull (Arraygetindex (Lst, Element))) Then
IsMember = False
Exit Function
End If
End Forall
' ESLst is a scalar
If (Isnull (Arraygetindex (Lst, ESLst))) Then
IsMember = False
Exit Function
End If
End If
IsMember = True
End Function

Public Function KeyWords (Source As String, KWL As Variant, Byval Sep As
String) As Variant
' See @KeyWords
' Generate separator list from Sep argument string or default
If (Sep = "") Then Sep = | ",.?!;:[](){}<>|
Dim SepList() As String
Redim SepList(Len(Sep))
For pos% = 1 To Len (Sep)
SepList(pos% - 1) = Mid$ (Sep, pos%, 1)
' Generate keyword list from list or scalar passed as KWL argument
Dim KeyWordList As Variant
If (Isarray (KWL)) Then
' KWL is an array
KeyWordList = KWL
' KWL is a scalar
Redim KeyWordList(0)
KeyWordList(0) = Cstr (KWL)
End If
' Parse the Source and look for the keywords
Dim KeyWordFound() As String
Redim KeyWordFound(0)
word$ = ""
For pos% = 1 To Len

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