Function To Create A List Of All Database Replica Ids Which Use A Specified Template

Create a list of all database replica ids which use a specified template
' Create a list of all database replica ids which use a specified template
' Run in script thus...
' Dim AllReplicaIDs() As String
' Call GetAllDBReplicaIDs ( "MYSERVER", "MyTemplate", AllReplicaIDs)
' Routine to find IDS
Sub GetAllDBReplicaIDs( sServerName As String, sTemplateName As String,
ReplicaIDs() As String )
On Error Goto ErrorHandler

Dim session As New NotesSession
Dim dbFind As NotesDatabase
Dim directory As NotesDbDirectory
Dim counter As Integer

Set directory = session.GetDbDirectory( sServerName )
counter = -1
' Get first database
Set dbFind = directory.GetFirstDatabase( DATABASE )
While Not( dbFind Is Nothing )
If ( Ucase(dbFind.DesignTemplateName) = Ucase(sTemplateName)) Then
counter = counter + 1
Redim Preserve ReplicaIDs(counter)
ReplicaIDs(counter) = dbFind.ReplicaID
End If
' Get next database
Set dbFind = directory.GetNextDatabase

Exit Sub

Resume TheEnd
End Sub

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