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Generate combobox >64k on Web

Populate fields on a Web form.

To populate a field on a Web form, you call an agent which displays a combobox in a popup-window where you can select a view-entry from a view of unlimited size.
The agent is reusable because you pass him variables for the view to search and the field to populate.
In the given example I use the following elements:
View 'Aufnr'
Field 'Aufnr_'
Agent 'GenerateDialog'

On the form use a button with Javascript: 
var pathname = window.location.pathname);

Then create a LotusScript-Agent (manually from agent list, Run Once):
Sub Initialize
	Dim session As New NotesSession
	Dim db As NotesDatabase
	Dim view As NotesView
	Dim vc As NotesViewEntryCollection
	Dim entry As NotesViewEntry
	Dim doc As NotesDocument
	Dim strVIEW,strFIELD As String
	Dim querystring As String
	Dim Params List As String
	Dim i As Integer
	Set db = session.CurrentDatabase
	Set doc = session.DocumentContext
' pull the query_string from the DocumentContext which represents an instance of this agent
	i = Instr(querystring, "&" )
	Do While i>0
		querystring = Mid(querystring, i+1)
		If i>0 Then 
' Get the Variable Name
			varname = Left(querystring,i-1)
			Exit Do 
		End If
		querystring=Mid(querystring, i+1)
		If i>0 Then 
' Get the Value
			value = Left(querystring, i-1) 
		End If
' Save the Parameter in the list
	Set view = db.GetView(strVIEW)
	Set vc = view.AllEntries
' Generate the HTML-Doc
	Print "Content-Type: text/html" 
	Print "" 
	Print "<HTML><HEAD>"
	Print "<SCRIPT LANGUAGE=""JavaScript"">"
	Print "<!--"
	Print "function CheckSelection() {"
	Print "var frm=window.document._GenerateDialog;"
	Print "for(i=0;i<frm.Sel.length;++i)"
	Print "if(frm.Sel.options[i].selected == true)"
	Print "frmMain."+strFIELD+".value=frm.Sel.options[i].text"
	Print "} // -->"
	Print "</SCRIPT>"
	Print "<TITLE>Bitte wahlen Sie einen Eintrag</TITLE></HEAD>"
	Print "<BODY BGCOLOR=""DAFBFE"" onLoad=""frmMain = window.opener.document.forms[0]"">"
	Print "<FORM METHOD=post NAME=""_GenerateDialog"">"
	Print "<BR>"
	Print "<CENTER>"
' Fill in the Options 	
	Print "<SELECT NAME=""Sel"" onChange=""CheckSelection()"">"
	Print "<OPTION>----- Please select -----<SELECTED>"
	For i = 1 To vc.count
		Set entry=vc.GetNthEntry(i)
		Print "<OPTION>" + Cstr(entry.ColumnValues(1))
	Print "</SELECT><BR>"
	Print "</BODY></FORM></HTML>"
End Sub
This was last published in September 2001

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