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Generating a URL link to open a document within a frameset

The Sceanrio: You want to send an email to someone to tell them that a document has been submitted to a database for their attention. Normally you would want to include a URL link that the user can click to go straight to the document (equivalent of attaching a DocLink in Notes Mail). The Problem: If the site uses a Frameset the normal URL syntax of "http://DomainName/DbName/ViewName/DocID?OpenDocument" will open the document full screen but you want the doc to open within a specified frame within the frameset.
The Solution: When you generate the URL link use the following syntax: "http://DomainName/DbName/FramesetName?OpenFrameset&Frame=FrameName&src=ViewName/DocID?OpenDocument" This will open the doc in the specified frame with the content of other frames controlled as per normal. NB DocID is the Universal Document ID of the rewuired doc.

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