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Get Access Back

Get Access Back

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Need the ability to get access back to all applications on a server or assign a certain group access to all databases? This code will allow you to set the ACL of any and all databases on a server, even with local security enforced. This code will work as long as the server has Manager Access to the application. Place this code into a scheduled agent on the server.

Use the server ID to Schedule and save the agent. The agent will walk though all databases on the server and make the changes. It will create an entry in the Log.nsf file for each database.

Sub Initialize
 Dim session As New Notessession
 Dim count As Integer
 count =0
 On Error Goto ErrorHandle
 Set Directory = New Notesdbdirectory("")
 Set db=directory.getfirstdatabase(TEMPLATE_CANDIDATE)
 While Not (db Is Nothing)
  Count = count +1
  Print Count
  Call db.Open( "","")
  Print db.filename
  Call db.GrantAccess("Admin",ACLLEVEL_MANAGER)
  Call db.GrantAccess("Anonymous",ACLLEVEL_NOACCESS)
  Set db = directory.getnextdatabase
 Exit Sub
        Print "Skipped " + db.filename 
        Resume Next 
End Sub


  • There are two problems with this tip that render it mostly worthless for R5:

    1. You can no longer sign elements with the server ID from your workstation. The whole premise of the tip is that your ID no longer has access. However, you do have access to the server ID and can thus sign the element. This step is not easily done in R5 which should have been mentioned along with the instructions for doing so. Based on information from Lotus on how this is done in R5, the tip is of little help. A link to the tip from is below:,signing,ID,R5

    2. The agent is described as a "Scheduled" agent. These types of agents can run on two types of documents -- all documents in the database and new or modified documents. That being the case, where would this agent be created since it is not truly "acting" on any documents but instead is modifying the ACL of a database. When you actually run the agent, it doesn't work because NO documents 'match' the agents criteria.

    — Reese Spears

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