Get Server Date - Work With Server Date

1. When the Date fields are Editable or Computed or Computed for display:

a) @Created, @Modified, @Accessed come from the server.
b) @Now, @Today, @Yesterday, @Tomorrow come from the workstation.
c) First time @Modified date comes from the workstation.

2. When the Date fields are Computed when composed:

a) @Created comes from the server.
b) @Now, @Today, @Yesterday, @Tomorrow and @Modified come from the desktop.
c) @Accessed does not display.
You need a view in a database living in the server with the time and date
needed. This view (could be hidden) will have only one document (based in a
form created specifically for this purpose). In the first column show the field
Form and in the second column write the formula @Now (in the case of this
example). Using ColumnValue property, you get these values. This property
returns an array of values; each element corresponds to the value of a column
in the view where the document is. If the document is not accessed, property
has no value.
Set View2 = dbaux.GetView("TEST")
Call View2.Refresh
Set doc = View2.GetFirstDocument
arreglo = doc.ColumnValues
Arreglo(1) has the date you wish to get
Dim fecha As New NotesDateTime(arreglo(1))

If a document contains an item visible in a view, ColumnValues properties
provides an efficient access to its value. To access item value directly is
less efficient.

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