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Get The Full Internet Name (Xxx@Yyy.Com)

Function GetInternetFullName(fromString As String) As String
Dim pos As Integer
Dim full As String

'---------- Look for parenthesis e.g. ("Peter O'Leary")
pos = Instr(fromString, "(")
If pos = 0 Then
'----------- no parens, just get the username
pos = Instr(fromString, "@")
full = Trim(Left(fromString, pos - 1))
full = Mid(fromString, pos + 1)
'----------- If the string is quoted, get everything in the quotes
If Left(full, 1) = """" Then
full = Mid(full, 2)
pos = Instr(full, """")
pos = Instr(full, ")")
End If

full = Left(full, pos - 1)
End If
GetInternetFullName = full
End Function

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