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Get Users To Update Specific Fields in their Location Documents

There may be a time that you need to update the Home Server due to server migration.

However, all your Notes clients are installed in the local hard C: drive on your users' PC.

With this script embedded in a hotspot button in your memo sent out to all users, they will just have to click on it. It's all that simple!!!

Function UpdateAllLocationDocuments (session As NotesSession, strFieldName As String, _
                      strNewValue As String) As Integer
  This function updates the specified field name with the specified new value in the
  location document in local address book.
  This function can be executed by any user.
  session - a Notes session
  strFieldName - the target field name in the location document
  strNewValue - the target new value for the target field
  Dim db_AddressBk As NotesDatabase
  Dim docCollection_AddressBk As NotesDocumentCollection
  Dim doc_AddressBk As NotesDocument
  Dim item_AddressBk As NotesItem
  Dim dateTime As New NotesDateTime ("1/1/1971")
  Dim i As Integer

  Set db_AddressBk = session.GetDatabase ("", "names.nsf")
  If db_AddressBk Is Nothing Then
    UpdateAllLocationDocuments = False
    Exit Function
  End If

searchFormula$ = "Form = ""Location"" "
Set docCollection_AddressBk = db_AddressBk.Search(searchFormula$, dateTime,0)

UpdateAllLocationDocuments = True
If docCollection_AddressBk.Count <> 0 Then
  For i=1 To docCollection_AddressBk.Count
    Set doc_AddressBk = docCollection_AddressBk.GetNthDocument(i)
    Set item_AddressBk = doc_AddressBk.GetFirstItem(strFieldName)
    If item_AddressBk Is Nothing Then
      UpdateAllLocationDocuments = False
      Exit Function
    End If
    item_AddressBk.Values = strNewValue
    doc_AddressBk.Save False, True 
    UpdateAllLocationDocuments = False
  End If 

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