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Get all members of Domino Directory Group

This code generates a list of users from a group name from the NAB, determines whether the name corresponds to a person or group and breaks each group down into its person members.

This code generates a list of users from a group name from the NAB. The code will determine whether the name corresponds to a person or group, and if it's a group, then the code will break it down into all person members. The code works even if there are nested groups. However, the code is restricted by the Domino limit on recursive calls, which depends on the Domino Directory.

Function getPersonMembers
(groupName As String) As Variant
 Dim nab As New NotesDatabase("","names.nsf")
 Dim grpView As NotesView, personView As NotesView
 Dim doc As NotesDocument , doc2 As NotesDocument 
 Dim namesList As Variant
 Dim memberList() As String
 Dim grpname As NotesName
 If nab.Server = "" Then
  Set nab = New NotesDatabase
 End If
 Set grpView = nab.GetView("Groups")
 Set personView = nab.GetView("($VIMPeople)")
 Set doc = grpView.GetDocumentByKey(groupName)
 Redim memberList(0) As String
 If Not doc Is Nothing Then
  Forall mbrs In doc.members
   Set grpname = New NotesName(Cstr(mbrs))
   Set doc2 = personView.GetDocumentByKey
   tmnE =  Elements(memberList) 
   x = 0
   If doc2 Is Nothing Then
    namesList = getPersonMembers(grpname.Common)
    If Ubound(namesList) > 0 Then
     Redim Preserve memberList(0 To tmnE + 
     Forall nms In namesList
      memberList(tmnE + x) = Cstr(nms)
     End Forall
    End If
    Redim Preserve memberList(0 To tmnE + x)
    memberList(tmnE + x) = Cstr(mbrs)
   End If   
  End Forall
 Else ' entry is either a person or a mail in db.
  t =  Elements(memberlist)
  Redim Preserve memberList(t)
  memberList( t) = Cstr(groupName)
 End If
 getPersonMembers = memberList
End Function

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