Get flexibility from your outlines

A list of workarounds to make your outlines more usable

I've found outlines very frustrating in the amount of flexibility they provide in terms of styling and positioning when you don't want to use the Java applet. Following are a number of work-arounds to make them a little more flexible.

1. A bit obvious, but it's imperative you use styling - either a link to a *.css page or some <style> tags in the HTML Head Content of the page or form holding the embedded outline.

2. This one is fairly well known - by adding [</font><font>] before the Label, you can set individual styling for that label.

3. If you hate the way Domino puts in filler images when you specify that you don't want twisties or images, causing the labels to begin too far to the right, then you can set all the images on the page with img {width=0}.

4. Add A:Hover and A:Active to allow for mouseovers without using the Java applet.

5. Most useful - the <font> thing above allows you to specify unique styling for an individual label, but it prevents the mouse overs mentioned above (4). Instead, you can put URL as the Content Type and for the formula, you can put something similar to the following:

"NewRequest?OpenForm" class="NewRequest"  

This allows you to style an individual label, whilst maintaining the ability to have mouse overs.

I hope you can find this of some use.

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