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Getting CSS in forms to work

A few simple rules to remember when you try to use Cascading Style Sheets in Notes Forms.

A few simple rules to remember when you try to use Cascading Style Sheets in Notes Forms.

1. Fields should be using DefaultSerif or DefaultSanSerif fonts, Size 10, Black, Normal. Any other setting will make Domino override your CSS.

2. Entering CSS tags on the HTML tab of any design element only works if the design is not inside a table.

3. Any design element that is inside a table will inherit the CSS for that table.

I usually create a CSS form with 4 fields. CSSName(Text), CSSInfo(Text), CSSStart(Date), CSSEnd(Date). Then I create a view for the CSS documents with the CSSName in the first column.

The CSSInfo field will contain the CSS tags that is loaded by the browser. You can create as many CSS documents as you need but your Web pages will only use the CSS document called "default".

The fields CSSStart and CSSEnd are used by an scheduled agent that determines which document should be the "default" CSS document. This approach is better than creating a Page in Notes Designer.

It allows the user to change the CSS anytime it's needed. You can implement different style sheets for different clients or at different times of the year.

StyleSheet :=@Subset(@DbName;-1)+"/css/default!OpenDocument"";
"<LINK REL="stylesheet" TYPE="text/css" HREF="/"+StyleSheet+">";

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