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Getting Hidden Design Without a Template

In a recent posting (7/14/99) Andre Guirard showed how to unhide a design if you have a template. Here we unhide the design from a hidden database, i.e. You if can't see the design at all, anywhere!!
Foreword: On R4.x the following actions only unhide the "structure" of the database, you can not see the formulas or scripts.
If however you try it on a R3 database on a R3 server, you get everything.

Step 1: Create a template file from your database that has the design hidden. Just make a copy (with design only)and on your new copy file give it a template extension (.NTF)

Step 2: Create a new database based on the blank template. Call it what you want.

Step 3: Now select your "blank" database you created in step 2 and replace it's design with the template you created in step 1.

Step 4:There is no step 4!!!! You should now be able to open your "blank" database and see its design elements and design.

Legals: Before using this, I would strongly advise you to check to see who owns the database. Only do it on file you own.

There is a product to recover the design. If you use Hephaistos from ND (Notes Development, Germany), you can show all of the design, even Scrip. It enhances the Notes design synopsis. So you can even search for design elements or create a documentation. It�s also very helpful for troubleshooting.

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