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A warning on which DB to look for when sending mails using LotusScript and making the doc directly in

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When sending mails using LotusScript, most of us create the document directly in the database. In doing so, we usually look for the database "" There is a great threat with using, if we change the server configuration to use more than one, in which case the server will create,, etc. So it's always safer to check for a database in your script, and if it doesn't find one, then open

Function GetMailDb () As
 Dim Sess As New NotesSession
 Dim Db As notesdatabase
 Set Db = Sess.Currentdatabase
 Set GetMailDb = New notesdatabase 
( Db.Server, "Mail1.Box" )
 If Not GetMailDb.IsOpen Then
  Set GetMailDb = New notesdatabase 
( Db.Server, "Mail.Box" )
 End If
 If Not GetMailDb.IsOpen Then
  Set GetMailDb = Nothing
  Print "Unable to Mail Box.
 Could not send email."
 End If
End Function


This tip states: "Most of us create the document directly in the database."

I have never heard of anyone creating a document in Why would you need to? See the Send method in the help database. All you need to do is create a document in the current database and '.send.' It will not be saved in the database, just e-mailed.

-- Tony B.

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