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Gotofield And Tabbing Tables.

In case you have a validation in a form and want to send the cursor to the
requested field after sending an error message for the validation, this will be
a dramatic if you have a tabbed table and the field is not appear in the
current tab.
In Designer open the Form, goto the tabbed table and get table property box.
Switch to the tab before the last one.
Select Switch rows programatically.
Select the last tab of the property box Indicated with <@>.
Type in the Name/ID as 'Table' or any name you prefer, but this will be used in
sub as constant.
In the Row Tag space type in the Label of each tab you want to switch, these
labels are the same as written on the table's tabs.
Save your form.

Simply you can use the following sub to switch to required tab and go to the un
validated field.

Sub GotoTabField ( uidoc as notesUIdocument, RawTag$, FieldName$)
'The parameters are:
'RawTag$ is the Tab Label.
'FieldName$ is the field on which you want to send the cursor.

Const TableName$ = "$Table"
dim doc as notesdocument
Dim Item As notesItem
Set doc = uidoc.document
Call doc.ReplaceItemValue(TableName, RawTag)
Call uidoc.Reload
Call uidoc.Refresh
Call uidoc.GotoField ( FieldName )
Call doc.RemoveItem(doc.GetFirstItem(TableName))
End Sub

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