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Group cleanup

How to quickly change full names in a group to the abbreviated format.

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Have you ever found that sloppy group administrators have been adding people to groups using full names (e.g., Joe Smith) instead of using the abbreviated format (Joe Smith/Sales/Acme).

In a large organization, the time to manually correct these entries can be overwhelming. A somewhat simpler and safer approach is to copy and paste the members of each group into the To: field of a new memo and press F9. The names will be expanded and validated against the address book.

There is one more step, though. When the name is expanded, "@domainname" is appended to each name (e.g., Joe Smith/Sales/Acme@Acme). Therefore, you should copy the contents of the To: field to Microsoft Word and do a search and replace. Replace every instance of "@ domainname" with "" (nothing). Finally, copy and paste from Word back into the group document. If you're administering groups of over 100 people, this can be a real timesaver and help to eliminate obsolete names. Remember, AdminP will only delete abbreviated names from a group when the user is deleted.


Why copy and paste the group content into Word when the Notes Search and Replace will carry out the same function?

-- Colin F.

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