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Handling replication conflicts

This is tip describes one method for handling replication conflicts.

I have seen a few amazing tips in this forum relating to replication conflicts and decided to share a few tips of my own.

If you switch on the form property "Merge Replication Conflicts" a text field with the value "1" will be created. The name of the field if $ConflictAction. If you switch the merging on when there are already documents in a database you need to create the field and set it to "1" manually with an agent running on all relevant docs.


FIELD $ConflictAction := "1";

Similarly the merging can be switched off with code: FIELD $ConflictAction := @Unavailable; plus removing the form property.

The field $Conflict, however, is the field you should be looking for when searching for replication conflicts that have occurred. A view with the formula "SELECT @IsAvailable($Conflict)" does the job and shows all conflict docs.

For some reason developers seem to mix these two fields up and start looking for $ConflictAction docs when in fact they mean $Conflict ones.

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