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Helpful Java console commands

This tip provides a helpful list of Java console commands.

When writing or testing Java agents/applets, the Java console (in the Notes client) is a useful tool. Although the console is primarily for trapping Java output, I recently discovered that it also responds to a limited number of commands. I searched quite a bit before I finally found that these commands actually ARE documented here.

But since I'm probably not the only one who didn't know they existed (or maybe I am?) I thought I'd share the list of commands along with their descriptions:

d = Dump applet context state to console
f = Finalize objects on finalization queue
g = Garbage collect
h = Prints a help message, displaying most of these commands and their descriptions
m = Print current memory use to console
v = Java Version Information numeric keys 0 to 9 = set the "applet debug level" to that value

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