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Hide parts of forms based on group membership

Are you tired of writing complicated Hide/When formulas? Try this instead.

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Have you ever want to hide a row of a table or one or more tabs of a tabbed table? Are you tired of writing complicated Hide/When formulas? Try this instead. Use one LotusScript subroutine to checkGroupMembership and set a field value. Base your Hide/When formulas on a much simpler statement -- i.e., "HideFieldFlags=0". Call checkGroupMembership from the PostOpen event. This subroutine checks if the current user is a member of a particular group, and if so, sets a field value to be used in Hide/When formulas.

Code: Sub checkGroupMembership

 Dim nabdb As NotesDatabase
 Dim groupdoc As Notesdocument
 Dim userName As New NotesName
 Dim view As NotesView
 Dim mems As Variant
 doc.HideFieldsFlag = 0
  doc.HideFieldsFlag = 1
  Call uiDoc.RefreshHideFormulas
  Exit Sub
 End If
 Set nabdb = New NotesDatabase
( db.Server, "names.nsf" )    
 Set view = nabdb.GetView( "Groups" )
 Set groupdoc = view.
GetDocumentByKey("Test Group 
Name", True )
 If groupdoc Is Nothing Then
  Messagebox "Error:  Cannot find the 
group document 'Test Group 
Name' in the Notes User Directory.  
Sub:  checkGroupMembership"
  Exit Sub
 End If
 Set mems = groupdoc.GetFirstItem
( "Members" )
 If mems.Contains( userName.canonical )
  doc.HideFieldsFlag = 1
 End If          
 Call uiDoc.RefreshHideFormulas
End Sub


I don't think much of this idea at all. A lookup to the address book every time you open a document using LotusScript? Hide/When formulas might be a bit of a pain to write, but they are fast and generally reliable.

Also, this won't work for a replicated application unless you use consistent ACL and have a full replica of the Domino Directory. All in all, this is one of the less well thought out tips I have seen.

—Andrew B.


I have to agree with Andrew, this is not the best solution -- especially on a busy server or where the user might be a member of a nested group. Look at the UserGroupNameList property first to get a list of group memberships.

—Brent H.


I agree with Andrew. I prefer using roles rather than group membership and base the Hide/When formula on them ( ! @IsNotMember or similar).

—Pierre B.


This is a really good tip in concept. Sometimes a form has design elements in different areas of the form that rely on the same Hide/When formula. That formula may be a bit complex, perhaps relying on data outside of Notes. This could help centralize the business logic -- so instead of changing the hide-when formula all over the place, you only need to change it once.

—Cutis W.


Why not just use @UserNamesList function?

—Gildas L.

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