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Hiding A Richtext Field On The Form

Have you ever thought of hiding a rich text field with tables and attachments
on the form so that only the authorised users are allowed to view and access
the content of the rich text field?

In a rich text field, only text can be hidden, but not for tables and
attachments if you just use the hide property of the field.

To hide the tables and attachments in a rich text field from unauthorised
users, you need do the following steps :
1. Create a controlled access section for the rich text field.
2. Under the Section Properties
a. Under Title Tab, make sure that the border style and color are using the
color as the form.
b. Under Editors Tab, auto-expand section for all options.
c. Under Non-Editors Tab, auto-collapse section for all options, and hide
title when
d. Put in the authorised users / roles under formula tab to control access.
e. Under Hide Tab, hide paragraph for all options.

For other reference, please refer to my tips on 'How to create an invisible
controlled access section'.

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